Straight Outta Compton Director F Gary Gray To Direct Furious 8


I'm very excited about this news. While I liked Furious 7 and I know it made a boat load of money, I still believe Fast 6 was a far superior movie. I believed Justin Lin's directing talents were sorely missed. That doesn't mean James Wan is a bad director, I just don't know if he knew how to really maximize the talent ranges this cast has.  I think F Gary Gray will be better at recognizing some of the limitations of the actors in this franchise, while maximizing their strengths. Also, I'm happy to see a black director be handed a billion dollar, established franchise from Hollywood.  THAT'S HUGE.

Look, for all the talk, debating and protesting over diversity in Hollywood, I have to say...times are changing. There's still a lot of work to do but we're seeing movement we haven't seen before. Black people (black women in particular ) are all over TV. Black films this year have baffled Hollywood at the boxoffice with big returns. Now F Gary Gray is directing Furious 8. I believer only Avengers Age of Ultron and Jurassic World beat Furious 7 at the box office.  I'm very happy for this trend and I think it's long overdue for someone like Gray to get an opportunity like this. There are plenty of great minority directors out there who aren't given a chance to direct huge budget films like this. Sure, some of them might not want to (Like DuVernay when Marvel pursued her for Black Panther). But still, it's nice to see them being asked and approached.

I'm very interested in seeing what Gray brings to this franchise and I expect it to be great.



Charles (Kriss)

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