The Exact Moment Marvel Took Spider-Man From Sony


Spider-Man: Homecoming really has lived up to the hype of bringing Spider-Man to the MCU. It’s everything fans have wanted from a Spider-Man film and more. Now I’ve already written about why I think Sony has now lost Spider-Man forever to Marvel but that was before I saw the movie. Now that I’ve seen it, I’m even more convinced. Feige and Marvel completely integrated Spider-Man into the MCU. Of course there were the big things like tying Adrian Toomes and his motivation to be Vulture to the aftermath of the Battle of New York. But then there were the small things like having Kenneth Choi playing being his own grandson (Choi was in the first Captain America as a Howling Commando) and seeding Miles Morales with Donald Glover’s Aaron Davis mentioning having a nephew who lives in New York. Marvel even threw in the continual growth of Tony Stark who in Iron Man 3 was annoyed and dismissive of the young kid in that movie but in Spider-Man: Homecoming shows real care and concern for Peter (still in a Tony Stark way). Sony gave Marvel Studios creative control and Marvel didn’t waste any time.

Nothing is more obvious of that than the way the opening credits roll. When the film first started off, I felt a little disappointed that the Marvel Studios opening credits didn’t roll and that we got Sony instead. But after the introduction of Vulture…Marvel Studios then ran their opening and it sent chills down my spine. It’s their best opening yet, using Michael Giacchino’s version of the classic 1967 Spider-Man theme to run along with the Marvel Studios logo really nailed home the idea that Spider-Man had come home. It was like literally watching Marvel snatch Spider-Man from Sony. Just beautiful.



Charles (Kriss)

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