The Equalizer Review


Kriss & Phenom review The Equalizer starring Denzel Washington. It's directed by Antoine Fuqua who also directed Olympus Has Fallen



Charles (Kriss)

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    Cory Bowens 27 September, 2014 at 12:49 Reply

    2.8 outta 5 for me. Denzel was great and those scenes with him and Martin Csokas were excellent but too brief. Those interactions and the first action scene were the best part of the film for me. The rest of it was mostly dull with flashes of brilliance. That “warrior vision” thing was cool once, after that, it felt like a cheap gimmik any other time it was used. It made me groan out loud in the theater like “here we go again”. I get that the guy is a grizzled vet who was very good at what he did but I didn’t need wiggling spider sense lines bouncing off his head everytime he picked up on something. It did nothing but take me outta the moment. I felt like his connection to Teri was mad shallow. It just didn’t feel like he would go to such extremes for this girl. Maybe because she wasn’t used in the most effective way as the reviewer said and the setup felt weak and contrived. Just wasn’t working for me. Also I got a problem with the action scene in that Home Mart (the movie’s version of Home Depot). Let’s just say that as a tattoo artist having a scene where I used everything at my job like tattoo machines and power chords and needles to take out the enemy might work in an action comedy or some wild Kung Fu flick but in a serious film like this I was like GTFOH. I don’t hate this film and for sure don’t love it. I’ll probably never see it again though. Just kinda indifferent to it. I think this is the one he did for the studio so he can come later and hit us with another “Flight”.

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