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Did We Really Need Another Emma Adaptation?...

Emma, by Jane Austen, is a comedy about a young woman of the aristocracy with a penchant for matchmaking. This isn't the first time this stories been adapted for screen. But Emma. may just be the best one. Kept period correct, this costume drama infuses Austen's story about the clever Emma Woodhouse with wit, humor and a realness (that didn't required playing with the order of events) that's refreshingly grounded. 

As the highest ranking female, Emma's queen bee of her county town. She takes her role seriously and attempts to model class and elegance. But her ego and desire to mold the world to her will. Emma uses her social status to bring people together. Unfortunately, Emma's often short-sighted and misguided in what may be best for the people around her. But she's be successful often enough to be convinced her way is always best. So when she decided to take a young girl of "questionable" parentage under her wing and usher her into marriage her tactics and advice make a mess of things. 

If any of this is starting to sound familiar, you may recognize the premise from Alicia Silverstone's Clueless. Director Autumn de Wilde captures the freshness that made Clueless work without sacrificing what makes this story timeless. Emma. a fresh take on a classic that makes brilliant use of a ridiculously talented ensemble cast without any one person sucking up all the oxygen. 

We didn't need another Austen adaptation but if there must be one, Emma. certainly does it right. It's bright, ridiculous and delightfully romantic. Emma. stars Anya Taylor-Joy leading a top shelf ensemble including, Johnny Flynn, Bill Night, Mia Goth, Miranda Hart and Josh O'Connor. 

Wherein Kriss and Brandon Have Opinions...

The entire MTR crew caught a screening for this one. Listen in as they chop it up and discuss what kept them engaged in Emma. 

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