El Rey Network’s Explosion Jones Brings Michael Madsen, Vivica A Fox & Carl Weathers to NYCC


We've covered Robert Rodriguez's El Rey Networks before at New York Comic-Con when they brought the From Dusk Till Dawn TV show to the convention. El Rey is continuing to expand the content its offering with a new animated short series, Explosion Jones

In the 12-episode animated shorts series set in the 1980s , Bruce “Explosion” Jones is an ex-special forces commando turned rogue detective/single dad just trying his best. Explosion is all kick-ass, all the time. So when the Russians steal a nuclear weapon or the President’s boat has been hijacked with his daughter on board, “Explosion” is your man. This season, follow Jones as he fights through endless armies of mercenaries, smarmy mini-bosses, old friends, new enemies and he just might dig too deep to reveal a plot that goes all the way to the top! 

Michael Madsen is the voice of Explosion Jones and he's joined by a pretty stacked cast. Vivica A Fox is voices Mrs. Jones, the dead wife of Explosion whose voice kinda serves as his inner conscience. Carl Weathers is Duke Firestorm, an old ex-special forces friend of Explosion. The show loves to do 80's action movie throwbacks and so the infamous arm-wrestle handshake from Predator is in this series...with an explosive twist. The cast also includes Danny Trejo, Jaylon Barron and James Hong.

The cast had high praises for the professionalism and content El Rey is bringing. The first season of Explosion Jones is 12 episodes long with each episode only running 3 - 4 minutes. Check out our interviews with some of the cast and then head over to go90 to watch the series. You won't be disappointed.




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