Dominion Review – S2E4 A Bitter Truth


Another solid episode from DominionA Bitter Truth gives us some interesting team ups. We get Chloe and David coming together around their hate for Claire. Claire and Gates stop a Higher Angel and exchange a kiss. Michael and Gabriel are finally back together while Alex and Noma figure out what Julian is up to and how he’s maintained the peace between 8Balls and humans.

Noma’s Had Enough
dominion-s2e4-julian-peteI was wondering when Noma would finally say “enough is enough”. She was willing to play along but drew the line at having a lower angel try to possess her body. That’s when she pulls our her wings like the Big Joker in a Spades game. It was interesting seeing her reaction to the attempted possession. She felt violated and disgusted. Her reaction really drives home how much of an intrusive process it is. With Pete being possessed again she’s now even more focused to save him because she got a taste of what that invasion was like. Makes me wonder if Noma is the first Angel to experience that. We also learn more about Julian. Noma calls him a Dyad, a human/angel hybrid. Of course where there’s 1 there has to be others. I now wonder what powers being a Dyad brings to Julian. Also, how did he get to this point. I still think Gabriel had some hand in it. The interesting thing about what Julian is doing though is that it’s once again about family to him. He’s trying to bring his brothers and sisters who are lower angels into this world and give them physical bodies. It’s kind of a noble cause. The first season of Dominion was very heavily father-focused. This season is really driving home the bonds of family and how one would do anything to protect their family. And by doing this, Julian now has an army of 8Balls just waiting to do his bidding. I think we’re going to see that Julian is the bigger threat here and that Gabriel and Michael will have to team up with Alex to stop him.

One thing I love about Dominion is that Michael and Gabriel’s relationship isn’t just about Good vs Evil. First off, both have been good and evil in their own ways at different points. But they still share that bond as family. Michael’s not going to kill Gabriel and Gabriel is not going to kill Michael. If they were, this war could have been ended long ago. The two brother’s fight to death and whoever wins determines the outcome. But that hasn’t happened because they’re still family. Remember when Gabriel felt Michael stab himself? They’re linked. I’m also not convinced Uriel is dead. I subscribe to the “No body,no death”rule. We’ve been told she’s dead but didn't see a body? I’m not buying it at all. I think there’s something else going on here. Plus, Uriel has played both sides before so this could be her way of manipulating her brothers. With Julien possessing the 5th Amphora, the brothers are going to have to put their differences aside. Its sorta like an early Professor X/Magneto team-up from the comic books.

The Eb and Flow of David Whele
dominiono-s2e4-william-davidAnthony Head is fantastic. The way he’s playing David Whele on Dominion might be one of his best roles ever. The thing that makes David such a great character and Head’s performance so captivating is the bouncing between highs and lows that David does. David constantly goes from being on top, to hitting bottom then back to being on top. To make it even better, it never feels like it’s forced. The drastic changes in David’s position always feel so natural. David’s falls from grace are always expected because someone like him always has enemies and those enemies will eventually come together to bring him down. It’s kinda like how Germany lost World War II. You can’t keep fighting wars on multiple fronts. Eventually you’ll get overrun. But David is also so good at what he does that he seems too valuable to kill (which is the mistake of his enemies). We first see David in this episode walking around with the V1’s then captured by Chloe. Chloe had the right idea at first, kill david and send a message. But…David using his resources is able to talk his way out of being killed and shows how valuable he can be to her and the resistance. As long as he’s breathing, David Whele is going to find a way back to the top. He’s also a constant threat as long as he’s alive. It’s going to be interesting seeing what next steps he takes. Right now he’s positioned himself with Chloe so they have a common enemy, Claire. But the consistent thing about David is, he always wants to be at the top and in control. Oh and a nice little tidbit, David's manifestation of William looks like he's been shot in the head because David believes his son to be weak and that he thinks William is dead. I think William is stronger than David believes and is alive somewhere and will have a comeback just like his father.
Panic Room
dominion-s2e4-claire-gatesI’m a little confused by who the Higher Angel was that came after Claire. Gabriel seems focused on Alex & New Delphi right now so I don’t think he sent that angel after Claire. Seemed a bit random. It did give a good excuse for locking Claire & Gates in a bunker together though. I called the chemistry and flirting between them the episode before and this one confirms there’s something brewing there. She saves his life and he gives her a kiss and she saved his card (or was it a ticket/pass to the game? I can’t remember). Either way, its clear they care about each other. Again, I prefer Noma/Alex and Claire/Gates at this point so this is a good development for me.  I do wonder what’s next now. Gates controlled a lot of what was going on in the city from his hidden bunker. With it gone, where do they move him to and how much does this compromise City security? I mean they already forgot to change David’s access codes (how did they forget that?) what else does them losing the “Wizard behind the curtain” do to compromise them?
This season just keeps getting better. I think the standout this episode was definitely the David Whele scenes. Anthony Head is putting on a remarkable performance and I can’t wait to see what’s next.



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