Doctor Who: Torchwood Season 3 Part 1: Stay out of White Folks’ Business


The Whovian gang is back to discuss the first three episodes of the absolute BEST season of a sci fi television show ever.  Children of Earth, season 3 of Torchwood, picks up in the aftermath of the loss of Tosh and Owen.  While still trying to rebuild the team, Jack, Gwen, and Ianto find themselves running for their lives as the government tries to kill them to cover the truth of a pending invasion that is heralded by all the children on the planet.  This season went full throttle with their pacing and it made for an exciting and terrifying ride.  That said, we need all the people of color in this season to leave White folks to their own mess cause in at least one case, it gets a POC killed.  We learn some of the lengths Jack has gone to in order to keep the world safe, and the remaining gang is left to wonder if what he did was a dealbreaker in terms of their relationship with him. 

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