Doctor Who Retrospective 5: The Twelfth Doctor


We are back to review the best Doctor of the new Who, Twelve (Peter Capaldi).  We discuss his definitive explanation to Clara of who he is NOT, the amazing relationship between Twelve and Bill (Pearl Mackie, the best companion of all time), Moffat's continued writing challenges, our love for Missy, an appreciation for moving the companions back to being real people instead of plot devices for the show, and more.

Next we will be reviewing Class, the Doctor Who spin-off that came off the heels of season 9 of Doctor Who.  Join us next time as we discuss what happens at Coal Hill Academy.

After that we will begin Torchwood.  If you have hung in with us this long, and have watched all the shows you are prepared.  If you think 10 seasons is too much to try to go through but want to be prepared for Torchwood, here is an episode list of must watch Who episodes (new Who) that you will need in order to prepare for Torchwood.

In order, watch these episodes:

Season 1 (9th Doctor, Rose)

  • The End of the World
  • The Empty Child
  • The Doctor Dances
  • Boom Town
  • Bad Wolf
  • The Parting of the Ways

Season 3 (10th Doctor, Martha)

  • Gridlocked

Watch Season 1 of Torchwood

Season 3 (10th Doctor, Martha)

  • Utopia
  • The Sound of the Drums
  • The Last of the Time Lords

Watch Season 2 of Torchwood

Season 4 (10th Doctor, Donna)

  • The Stolen Earth
  • Journey's End

Watch Season 3 of Torchwood

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