Doctor Who Retrospective 4: The Eleventh Doctor Part 2


Happy End of July(*Editor's Note* It's August, that's on me - Kriss)!  The gang is back to discuss the second part of the Eleventh Doctor's run.  We called an audible and decided to round out 11 and give 12 his own episode (and put some respeck on his name).  In this episode we discuss the distinction between some of our disdain for Clara the character and our respect for Jenna the actress, Moffat's penchant for turning female companions solely into vehicles to advance the Doctor's growth, and the very bland episode listing that was the second half of season 7.  Finally, we discuss the baffling reaction of the 53% haircut brigade to the announcement of a white female to take up the mantle of the Doctor for season 11, as Jodie Whittaker was announced on this day as the 13th Doctor.  We really don't understand why White Women are angry and indignant that one of their own got the gig.

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