Destiny 2, Black James Bond, Jemele Hill and Why Your Iphone is like HealthCare


Kriss is joined by Aaron from the Black Astronauts podcast. It's a random and lighter show than the last several ones. We talk about Destiny 2 being addicting and why studios should stop putting their movies out around Star Wars (and other big blockbusters that always bury their films). We then talk about Kriss' simple tweet that went viral and what it says about what people think of when it comes to diversity in films. Why is white the default even for women? Why can't James Bond be black? We also hit the Jemele Hill ESPN issue and also discuss phone prices. Like I was a random show.


  • Destiny 2 is even more addicting than Destiny 1
  • Kathleen Kennedy had JJ Abrams in her back pocket
  • Stop putting your films near other blockbuster films
  • Kriss goes viral
    • Red Sparrow trailer
    • Why is the default always white?
    • There are no non-white people in Russia apparently
    • Why can't James Bond be black?
  • Arrow wants to do a Black Lives Matter episode (just no)
  • Jemele Hill and the mess ESPN created 
  • Calling White Supremacists 'White Supremacists' is more offensive than being a White Supremacist
  • The ESPN internal chat messages over ESPN's handling of the Hill situation
  • Do You Even Sci-Fi Bro?
  • Why the debate over phone prices explains the issues with getting Universal Healthcare.



Aaron - @Ashy3Classy 

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