The Defenders Review Part 1 – The Street Level Avengers


We're back with a normal Super Tuesday Recap this week. We're reviewing the first three episodes of Marvel's The Defenders on Netflix. We're switching up our reviews for Netflix shows this time and we're breaking out our reviews of series into multiple episodes. This first review will cover the first three episodes (The H Word, Mean Right Hook & Worst Behavior). 

Overall we enjoyed the first three episodes, particularly how they bring the heroes together and carry on from where each hero left off in their solo adventures. Charlie Cox and Krysten Ritter are clearly the heavy hitters here in terms of acting and carrying their scenes. But we do think that Fin Jones is much improved in this series and pairing him with Michael Colter's Cage is when both characters shine the most. We also talk about the messiness of the relationships on the show, a possible better order for the solo movies to fit into Defenders better and what feels off about Simone Missick's Misty Knight. 

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