Deadpool 2 Does the X-Men Better than The X-Men

The story might be a bit of a mess but doesn't matter. This is the X-Men/X-Men related film we've always wanted.

It's almost frustrating how Deadpool 2 does the X-Men better than 18 years of X-Men movies. To the point that I almost wanted to hate this film because it makes me mad that I can't get this level of quality from the X-Men proper films but I can't blame Deadpool for that.

Yes, the story is a bit of a mess but it really doesn't matter. Ryan Reynolds continues to be perfect as Wade Wilson, the film is funny and it nails what you've always wanted. Oh and throw in some really great (and violent) action scenes and a few surprises, you're going to love this film

Oh and the after credit scenes might be the most satisfying of all time.



Charles (Kriss)

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