Daredevil Season 3 Spoiler Review: A Great Adaptation of the Born Again Storyline


With the "Great Culling" of Marvel Netflix shows happening, it's easy to forget that Daredevil Season 3 did just come out. While we don't know the future of Daredevil at Netflix, one thing is for certain, if this is the end...this season goes out with a bang. Daredevil has always been the most talented and best cast of the Marvel Netflix shows and by mining Frank Miller's Daredevil material, it also has the best stories. Season 3 tackles the Born Again storyline and is probably one of the best adaptations of a comic book storyline we've seen. Yes, it makes significant changes from the comic book but the core of the storyline is there. It really dives into what makes Matt Murdock tick and why he struggles so much between his Catholic guilt and his duties as Daredevil. 

The show stealers this season are the stories of Wilson Fisk and Dex (Bullseye). D'Onofrio has been a scene stealer in every season of Daredevil and he's even better this season. Wilson Bethel puts a new and terrifying spin on Bullseye. The combo of Fisk & Dex present a duel threat for Matt and it's wonderful to see.

Listen as we breakdown what we loved about this season and why we think Daredevil stands above the rest of the Marvel Netflix shows.


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