Daredevil Review


Kriss and Dpalm "review" Marvel's first Netflix series: Daredevil. I put "review" in quotes because the show is great and this is basically us celebrating for 50 minutes.

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Charles (Kriss)


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    Jared 16 April, 2015 at 20:01 Reply

    This DAREDEVIL season 1 was fantastic. I’m about halfway through your review and really enjoy it. My nitpicks for the series are a few items. 1) I thought there was about a 1/2 dozen over the top graphic violent scenes. I’m not adverse to violence by any means but I didn’t really care for those few moments that were completely outrageous. I compare these moment to the scene from PATRIOT with Mel Gibson where he’s hacking someone with a hatchet and it just keeps going and going with blood. disturbing. The car door scene, the young Wilson fisk killing his father. The Bowling alley scene, the death by spike through the eye. It’s clear the same guy who created Sparticus was running the show with some over the top moments. I just think those “Shock” moments weren’t needed. I don’t need gratuitous violence.

    Next I keep hearing people say Daredevil adopts a “Batman voice.” I think that completely off base. I’ve watched the series and rewatched 1/2, He never tried to grossly adjust his voice, sometimes he sounds hoarse, more deep because he’s tired. He never resorted to the jarring display from the Nolan films- which quite frankly took me out of the movie because it was ridiculous. IMO, Daredevil does this perfectly, with perhaps a slight alteration if any.

    Finally, you mention bad acting. I disagree that everyone was well done. IMO, at times Wilson Fish felt like he was autistic or something. His Chinese was TERRIBLE. At times I felt his acting was mediocre or inconsistent. Overall I liked it. Also, I didn’t really buy Vanessa’s conversion. It seemed a little out of place that just in 2 dates she’s completely in love with this guy and is ok with his shadiness. But that can be overlooked. Overall this is the best comic tv series ever put to screen. This was about as good as anyone could have dreamed it to be. I’m excited for season 2 whenever that comes.

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    M. George Brennan 9 May, 2015 at 11:23 Reply

    “I am the ill intent…”

    Netfilx’s Daredevil is the single best effort from Marvel to date. Period. Make no mistake: we are in a golden age, and all that’s left is to enjoy it.

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