Crisis on Infinite Earths Part 1 – So That’s How You Do Superman


A couple weeks ago there was a source saying that WB is struggling to figure out what to do with Superman in their movies because they're struggling to make a "relatable story". Meanwhile, over at WB TV and the Arrowverse, they just gave us 3 Superman (and one Supergirl), all that are super relatable and embody what Superman is all about. Crisis on Infinite Earths, this years big Arrowverse crossover has been one big lovefest for the fans of the characters. The first 3 parts have shown just how ridiculous the problems WB apparently has had bringing DC characters to the big screen are. There's so much to love in these first three parts and that doesn't even include all the cameos they've had. Here are some of the things we talk about on our review:

  • How does WB plan on selling an Ezra Miller Flash movie when Grant Gustin is clearly the definitive Barry Allen? Between the conversation Barry has with Iris and the one he has with Jefferson Pierce, this is it. This is Barry Allen. Miller's interpretation is never going to come close so why even try?
  • Speaking of Flash's, even John Wesley Shipp's fate as Barry Allen from Earth-90 was so good and another solid understanding of the character that the movies have yet to realize
  • Not one. Not two. But THREE Supermen in various stages that all nailed the Man of Steel. Bryan Singer had Brandon Routh as Superman and squandered it.
  • Kevin Conroy showing how to do a Bruce Wayne that lost hope and went dark better than any "Snydercut" ever could
  • Oliver Queen becoming the Spectre? Oh you beautiful bastards keep having surprises up your sleeves
  • Ruby Rose still can't act but pairing her up with Melissa Benoist is clearly the winning combination and is a great spin on the Batman/Superman relationship
  • All the cameos and more

Sit back and listen as the Super Tuesday crew discuss the first 3 parts of this big crossover and we will see you back for the finale in January!

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