Creep & Creep 2: Having Fun With Mr. Peachfuzz


It's the end of the year so why not bring Scarestalgia back. Kriss and Ashanti might not have been recording regularly but that doesn't meant they weren't watching horror films. While everyone's talking about The Haunting of Hill House, Netflix has a lot of other Horror gems on it. One of those gems (or rather, two of those) are Creep & Creep 2.  In Creep, Patrick Brice & Mark Duplass put together one absolutely enjoyable horror/psychological that only focused on two characters and involved a lot of improv. Mark Duplass plays crazy extremely well (almost too well). Creep 2 ups the ante with switching everything around and adding Desiree Akhavan to match Duplass' performance.

Seriously, you're gonna want to check both these films out. Listen as Kriss & Ashanti talk about how crazy these movies are.


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