Cooking with Gaslighting – Insanity Check #628


We're back! New year and so it's time for the return of the Insanity Check. But it's really almost like we didn't even leave. Kanye is still being Kanye, Kevin Hart is still an idiot, Louis CK is back and the Trump Administration is completely collapsing. Happy 2019 folks...we're only 5 days in and it's already a live one.


  • Kanye went from MAGA hat wearing to apologizing for MAGA hat wearing back to MAGA hat wearing
  • Louis CK and comedians who don't understand punching down in comedy is hack shit
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez makes a rookie mistake: Dancing
  • The GOP's fake outrage and gaslighting over "bad language"
  • Trump resignations: The rats are leaving the sinking ship
  • Poor Nazi: Gavin McInnes feels threatened by "Hate has no place here" signs his neighbors put up
  • Surviving R Kelly: A textbook case on how everyone is complicit in rape culture and failing young black girls
  • Do You Even Sci-Fi Bro?
    • A G spot robot, a fake Russian Robot and Self Driving Cars getting to determine who live or dies....oh yes...we're back!

Guest: Justin - Ljay90


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