Constantine is Switching Time Slots


constantine-logoConstantine is returning from its Winter break on January 16th. It will also be switching time slots to 8pm. I think it's good news that the show will be back to at least finish the first season. I think this is still the weakest of the comic book shows and it ending the week doesn't really help it much. Still, the show has grown a lot better and despite the recasting issues has finished the first half of season one strong. The winter finale was it's strongest and best episode. There are still some issues to work out but it's become a solid show.

That said, I'm not sure moving it's timeslot to 8pm is going to really benefit it. I think 10 pm on Friday was working for the show and switching it to 8pm isn't going to really change the ratings. Even I don't watch the show live and I'm usually home at that time. DVR and OnDemand ratings still count and I don't see moving the time slot fixing that. If anything, word of mouth that the show has gotten better will help more than a changed timeslot but we'll see.



Charles (Kriss)

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