Constantine Canceled By NBC, Looks to Other Options to Keep Alive


constantineAfter months of speculation, NBC has finally officially canceled Constantine. It was only a matter of time. I think the show definitely started to get better but it had consistency issues with the tone and writing just like Gotham (particularly Gotham in the second half of its season). Unfortunately for Constantine it didn't start off as strongly as Gotham did so it didn't have the benefit of already having a second season approved. I think the problems with both shows stemmed from the network not believing in the show and letting them make the show they want.

The good news for Constantine is that it has a very vocal fanbase that is actively trying to save it. The show producers are still trying to shop it around in hopes that another network (or Netflix or Hulu) will pick it up. It also has some "friends in high places".  Arrow star Stephen Amell went to Twitter to offer his services to help sweeten the pot:

The CW has already officially picked up their Arrow/Flash spinoff, Legends of Tomorrow, so I'm not sure there's really that much chance of them picking up Constantine as well. But CW is building a nice little DC television universe. Plus I think Constantine could really benefit from the help of Berlanti and Kreisberg. It's a long shot but it definitely would be something cool to see.



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