Confessions of a Crazy Ex-Boyfriend


Kriss and John are back with a new episode of Hell No Cupid. This week we discuss an email correspondence that John had with a reader from his site, Confessions of a Crazy Ex-Boyfriend. The reader wanted to know if they were a crazy ex-boyfriend after explaining the scenario with their ex. Short answer: They're absolutely being the crazy ex-boyfriend and a bit scary. We break down where this young man has gone wrong, why it's scary and why men in general don't understand that this behavior is scary and dangerous.  You can read John's full response here: Am I a Crazy Ex-Boyfriend?

Also this exchanged inspired us to open back up our email for listeners to send in their issues for advice. If you want to know if you're being a crazy ex or you just want some general relationship advice, email us at MTrailerReviews@MTRNetwork.Net

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