The Commuter Review – Liam Neeson is the Worst Detective of All Time

Lazy, predictable and poorly shot. When folks complain about comic book films being the cause cinema's "decline" later this year, bring up this film as a counterpoint

Liam Neeson is the worst detective of all time in The Commuter.

It’s ridiculous how bad this movie is. The Commuter is lazy, predictable and has one of the worst action scenes imaginable. Within 20 minutes of the start of this film the audience should be able to predict:

  1. Who will betray Liam Neeson’s character
  2. Who the passenger he’s supposed to be looking for is

The end of the film is even worst. I was able to call out what was going to happen in scenes before they happened. And the train derailment scene that looks so horrible in the trailers? It’s even worse when you see it in the theaters.

The Commuter represents both how lazy and how ingenious studios can be with movies. It represents their laziness because nothing is really redeemable about this film. They slapped Liam Neeson in the film and brought Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga together for an off-year Conjuring reunion and figured that’s all they needed to do. And that’s where their ingenuity comes in. It’s not that Liam Neeson is some huge box-office draw. He’s not. Look at the returns on his movies, they’re actually pretty low. But studios know they can slap Neeson in a low budget film and it do just well enough that no one will question it. Neeson’s films are profitable but that’s different from being a box-office draw. Sure, making $300 million off a $19 million dollar film seems great. Until you realize that someone with Liam Neesons’ status should be bringing in a lot more if he’s such a draw.

At the end of 2018 when people are spewing hottakes about how Star Wars and super hero films are ruining movies. Or how Hollywood “focuses on sequels and not original movies”. I want you to remember films like The Commuter that are original, non-super hero garbage. It’s films like this that key audiences home, not Infinity War.



Charles (Kriss)


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