Comic Book Book Club: Kelly Sue Deconnick Redefines Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel


We're about a week out from Carol Danvers making her live action debut in the MCU and so we decided to do a Comic Book Book Club discussing Kelly Sue Deconnick's run on Captain Marvel. Deconnick's run is where Carol goes from Ms Marvel to Captain Marvel. Sporting a spiffy new design and costume from Jamie McKelvie, these volumes see Carol come to terms with who she is as not only a hero but a person. As a character,Carol has been through a lot and Deconnick's run really helps define her as the bad ass hero and powerhouse of the Marvel Universe. 

For this first part, we cover:

We'll finish the run next month after the movie comes out. You can also listen to Kriss & Dpalm talk about Carol Danvers and Monica Rambeau on their latest Character Corner: Captain Marvel Part 2.

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