Comic Book Book Club: Invincible Vol 16 to 20 – Things Escalate


So we're getting close to the end of our Invincible Comic Book Book Club and it would be an understatement to say things have escalated. To be honest, things get so intense in these 5 volumes, I was so traumatized, I thought I had already released this episode. So apologies for the delay but we're finally back. 

So what happens in these 5 volumes? Oh nothing, just....

  • Allen decides to release the Scourge virus on Earth, knowing that it might kill all the humans on earth as well. Oliver agrees
  • Invincible gets hit with concentrated Scourge virus, nearly killing him and taking his powers
  • Bulletproof becomes the "Black Invincible" 
  • Invincible's plan with Dinosaurus goes horribly wrong, surprising no one
  • Cecil bans Nolan to the Moon to keep an eye on the other Viltrumites
  • Nolan & Mark are revealed to be the direct descendants of Emperor Argall, thereby making Nolan the new and rightful leader of the Viltrumites
  • We find out what really happened with Monster Girl & Robot on the Flaxan home dimension and it's way worse than you could imagine
  • Anissa rapes Mark
  • Angstrom Levy returns
  • Mark and Eve have a baby
  • Rex/Robot launches his plan for world domination and....wins

So just a few things. Nothing major.

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