Comic Book Book Club: DMZ Volumes 3 & 4 – Public Works & Friendly Fire


Kriss and Ro discuss volumes 3 & 4 of DMZ. Matty goes undercover to try to get to the bottom of some shady stuff going down and as usual the story is much bigger and deeper than he imagined. In volume 4 he cover the trial of soldiers that committed a war crime and murdered civilians. Again, as he digs deeper into the story he starts to see there's more going on.

What makes DMZ a good read is how relevant it is. It's not just looking at how the US itself indoctrinates soldiers and citizens but also the role the media plays in it. It's both scary and sad that a story that came out 8 years ago is still very relevant to things we're seeing happen in the media today. DMZ is definitely not a "feel good" read. You can end each volume feeling a bit deflated just like the characters in the story. But that's not a negative. It's just a testament to how the story really pulls the reader into not only the environment but the mindset of the characters.

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