Comic Book Book Club: Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps Part 2


On this episode we wrap up our read of Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps with the last 4 volumes. 

  • Volume 4 Fracture
  • Volume 5 Twilight of the Guardians
  • Volume 6 Zod's Will
  • Volume 7 Darkstars Rising

There are some really great moments in the remainder of this run. Last time we talked about how great Guy Gardner was and this time it's John Stewart. This run really shows how strategic Stewart is and what his leadership is like. Honestly in someways it's like if Batman was Black and had a Power Ring. 

The other thing this run does really well is set up a connection to the past and leave bits and pieces of other writers to come bak and fill in. Now whether they do that or not is beyond the scope of this episode, but we can appreciate what was done here.  Also, if you're like Dpalm, you're gonna love all the professional wrestling homages. 

If you want to hear us talk more about the Green Lantern Corp, check our our three part deep dive into the Corps. And we'll be back to finish the last 4 volumes of this run in a couple of weeks so stay tuned:

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