Cold Summer



These were supposed to be the quiet days of summer. The days where I finally watch Rick and Morty (loved it!) and ignore baseball with the greatest of ease, but no one told the rest of the sports world. The NBA, NFL and college football all had hot stories this week, and we had to cover them. Kyrie's asking for a trade, the Cowboys keep embarrassing themselves and of course, we have the Balled of Hugh Freeze.


  • Somehow, there are still a billion baseball games left in this season.
  • The Ballad of Hugh Freeze.
  • Houston Nutt might not be done?
  • 13 million of y'all watched a parole hearing? Really?
  • Jerry better be right.
  • Not so Lucky Whitehead. I'm sorry.
  • Lonzo Ball might be a thing here.
  • Kyrie want's to be a headliner.



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