The Cloverfield Paradox – Standard Sci-Fi Fare That Doesn’t Deserve the Hate


Kriss & Phenom talk about the latest film in the Cloverfield series, The Cloverfield Paradox. Netflix dropped this film suddenly the night of the Superbowl and the reviews weren’t kind. But is it as bad as people are saying? No. Not even close.

The Cloverfield Paradox is standard Sci-Fi fare. Not the greatest the genre has to offer, but hardly the terrible film that some are saying. In fact, it’s pretty good and standard for the genre. We break down what worked and didn’t work for the film and why we think so many just couldn’t get into it (Hint: Some genres just aren’t for everyone). If anything, the biggest problem with this movie is that one of the side characters pretty much explains the whole movie in the first 10 minutes. But even then, its short enough and enjoyable enough that it didn’t matter.

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