Character Corner: Claremont X-Men Part 2 – Solidifying The Character Traits We’ve Come to Know and Love


Kriss and Dpalm are back with part 2 of their Chris Claremont X-Men series. For this episode we pick up right after the end of the Dark Phoenix saga with issue 139 and go all the way through the iconic issue 200. The key to this portion of the run is recognizing that this is where most of the most notable qualities of the characters we love come from. From the friendship between Nightcrawler & Wolverine to Ororo's mothering of Kitty Pryde and leadership of the entire X-Men team. Really this arc is about the youngest X-Man, Kitty Pryde, and her mentor/mother figure Ororo. This arc of the X-Men really shows how much Claremont pushed the idea of female characters having their own agency, power and arcs. This is also when he takes back Carol Danvers and literally erases her past to build her back up again (Listen to our Captain Marvel Part 2 episode for more on this). 

This is part of the arc that really elevates the X-Men into the characters we know and love today.


  • Days of Future Past
    • Issues 141 & 142
  • Issue 150 - Magneto sinks the Leningrad
  • Issue #155 - First appearance of The Brood
  • Brood Saga
    • Issue 161 - 166
  • First Appearance of Madelyne Pryor - Issue 168
  • Storm vs Callisto - Issue 170
  • Juggernaut vs Colossus fight - Issue 183
  • Trial of Magneto - Issue #200

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We're also going to take another detour and cover the X-Men spin-off, New Mutants, which Claremont begins writing during this part of his X-Men run as well. So stay tuned.

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