Wonder Woman – Truth in the Trinity

Wonder Woman

This time Kriss & Dpalm cover Wonder Woman before her debut in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. This is the oldest character we've done (She's been around since 1942) and we talk about how this has lead to some problematic ways she's been depicted. While now seen as a feminist icon, the character's beginnings are full of problematic depictions and just flat out bad writing. But we've found some really good reads that do her justice and really highlight her being "Truth" in the Trinity (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman) of DC Comics.  This was  a great discussion and I think we pulled out some great comics that really highlight what makes her so great.


  • Gods & Mortals
  • Spirit of Truth
  • JLA - A League of One
  • Wonder Woman - The Hiketeia
  • Batman-Superman-Wonder Woman: Trinity
  • WW Volume 2
    • Issues 195-200
    • Issues 206-2013
  • WW Volume 3
    • Issues 14-17 - Gail Simone run
  • Flashpoint Paradox
    • Flashpoint - Emperor Aquaman
    • Flashpoint - Wonder Woman & The Furies
  • First 7 Volumes of New 52 
    • Issue #3 - Hippolyta reveals Diana is a child of Zues
    • Issue #7 - The male children of Amazon
    • Issue #12 - Diana takes off her bracelets to unless her true powers
    • Issue #23 - Becomes the new God of War

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