Character Corner: Wally West – The Fastest Man Alive


Kriss & Dpalm are back to discuss Wally West, The Fastest Man Alive. Wally is the third person to take the mantle of the Flash. While the focus has been on Barry Allen recently, we talk about how Wally West was THE Flash for many of us growing up and how important he is. We talk about the similarities and differences between Flash and Batman. How Flash's rogue gallery is up there with Spider-Man and Batman in terms of being the best and most dangerous. We also go over some key issues involving Wally and what makes them so good.

Key Issues:

Flash Vol 1 #110  (Dec. 1959) - 1st Wally West appearance (Kid Flash). Retold in Flash Vol 2 #62

Crisis on Infinite Earths #12 (1986) - 1st Wally West as Flash

Mark Waid - Flash Vol. 2

Issues #74 - #79 - The Return of Barry Allen/Reverse Flash origin

Issues #95 - #100 - Terminal Velocity, first mention/definition of the Speed Force

Issues #150 - #159 - Alternate Wally West

Geoff Johns Run

Issues #192 - #200 - Flash Blitz, First appearance of Hunter Zolomon as Zoom

Issues #201 - #119 - Identity Crisis Tie-ins

Issues #220 - #225 - Rogue Wars

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    John 14 August, 2015 at 04:05 Reply

    Just came across this podcast and found it very informative as someone who has been exposed to comic books here and there. I had a question for you guys about Wally since you briefly touched on his portrayals in different media. Just what is the implied age gap between him and his Justice League members like Superman and Batman.

    This is obviously a different medium, but in the Justice League cartoon Wally is the Flash along side other members of the Justice League and is noticeably an adult or at the very least not a child in the Kid Flash era. Then in the Young Justice cartoon however he’s very much a kid, and people like Superman and Batman. Obviously these are different cartoon continuities, but for the case of people like Superman and Batman they’re generally always portrayed as adults where that isn’t the case for Wally.

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      dpalm 3 December, 2015 at 16:25 Reply

      Wally is depicted pretty continuously as Robin’s age or a little older. They served on the Teen Titans together, and was a sidekick when Dick Grayson was as well. When he takes over the scarlet and lightening, the older leaguers respect him because he filled his uncle’s boots so well, and because he’s been super hero-ing as long as them.

      Justice League kind of combined Barry and Wally, in that he’s as funny and vibrant as Wally, but is a CSI like Barry. There are more similarities, but I always took his JL run as the only Flash. Though, the Kid Flash suit and Jay Garrick’s helmet are seen in the episode Flash and Substance, where he Batman, and Orion take on Captain Boomerang, Captain Cold, Mirror Master and Trickster.

      I’m embarrassed that I was able to do all this off the top of my head.

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