Tim Drake – The Detective


We're finally back with a new Character Corner. This time we're here to discuss Tim Drake, the third Robin. We talk about how unfair it is for Tim to become the "Forgotten" Robin and how good of a character he is. Each of the Robins have distinct personalities and traits and Tim Drake is "The Detective". Check out our discussion.

*I said Nightwing #1 on the show, it's actually #25

Reading list:

  • Batman #436 - First appearance of Tim Drake
  • Batman #442 - First appearance as Robin
  • Red Robin #1 - First appearance as Red Robin
  • Nightwing #25 - Great Dick & Tim issue
  • Identity Crisis - Tim Drake's father, Jack is killed
  • Teen Titans #20 - Tim dealing with his father's death with the Titans
  • Teen Titans #29 - Tim Drake vs Jason Todd
  • Red Robin #1-26 - Great run that really defines Tim Drake as "the Detective" and Bruce Wayne (not Batman) successor





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