Character Corner: Sam Wilson – Falcon / Captain America


We're back to discuss the character of Sam Wilson, aka Falcon aka Captain America. This was an interesting and fun Character Corner to do because both Dpalm and I learned a lot of new things about Sam Wilson that we never knew before. We had a lot of preconceived notions about the character particularly his Snap Wilson past. We also tie our discussion into the current talk about diversity in comics and how Marvel embraces its past while also realizing it needs to also improve.  Check out the episode and let us know what you think .

Key Issues:

Captain America #117- 119 - First Appearance
Captain America #170 - Black Panther gives him wings on a new costume
Captain America #174 - Professor X confirms  the empathetic link to Redwing
Captain America  #186 - Red Skull reveals he turned Sam into Cap perfect partner using the Cosmic Cube and hid Sam's "Snap Wilson" persona

Avengers #181 - Joins to the Avengers
Avengers #194 - Leaves the Avengers. Tired of feeling like the Token

Captain America & the Falcon 1- 14  - Christopher Priest's series

Captain America Vol 7 #25 - Given the mantle and shield from Steve
All New Captain America 1-6

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