Character Corner: Miles Morales (Spider-Man)


We're back and this time it's to discuss Miles Morales, the Spider-Man from Marvel's Ultimate universe and soon to be MAIN Spider-Man of the All-New universe Marvel creates after Secret Wars. We talk about why the character is so significant and was a great move by Marvel. We also talk about what makes him different from Peter Parker and how that's a great thing. Finally, we geek out over the future of the character and how exciting its going to be to see him in the new universe(The first panel in Avengers with Kamala Khan/Miles Morales is going to be amazing).

*Note* Due to the weird numbering of some of the comics we were a little off on the issues we talked about so check the show notes to find out exactly where to get the issues. The links go to the Comixology pages.

Key Issues:

Ultimate Comics Fallout (Volume 1) #4 - First Appearance of Miles Morales
Spider-Men 1-5 - Miles Morales meets 616 Peter Parker and gets his blessing
All-New Ultimates - Miles, Jessica Drew, Bombshell, Cloak & Dagger form the new Ultimates team

Ultimate Spider-Man #200

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