Magneto The Master of Magnetism


We cover another X-Man villain turned...good? This time we cover Magneto, the greatest enemy of the X-Men. Magneto has a very interesting arc as a villain. He starts off as the perfect antithesis to Professor Xavier. He starts with the simple idea of "never again" will he allow his people to be slaughtered to believing he's the messiah for mutant kind to dealing with the guilt when he fails. Kriss once again finds himself defending some of the more awful crimes Magneto commits but maybe once you finish listening you'll be agreeing that Magneto was right too.

There's a LOT of issues involving Magneto. Below I just list some of the ones we talked about but there's plenty more. Marvel Unlimited is your friend. A great place to start is Cullen Bunn's 2014 Magneto solo series as it ends up covering a lot of Magneto's history as well.


  • X-Men #1- First appearance
  • Classic X-Men #12 - Magneto's origin
  • Magneto's Children
    • Vision and Scarlet Witch vol 1 #4 - learns he is the father of Wanda & Pietro
    • New X-Men #132 - Revealed that Polaris is Magneto's daughter
  • X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills
  • X-Men #200 - Trial of Magneto
  • X-Men #1 - 3
  • Fatal Attraction
    • X-Factor #92
    • X-Force #25 - Magneto nearly rips Cable apart
    • Uncanny X-Men #304
    • X-Men #25 - Magneto rips the adamantium out of Logan's body, Xavier wipes Magneto's mind
  • House of M #1 - 8
  • New X-Men #115 - Genosha is wiped out
  • New X-Men #146 - 150 - Planet X/Xorn as Magneto
  • House of M #1 - 8
  • Nation X
    • Uncanny X-Men #516 - Magneto pledges himself to Cyclops 
    • Uncanny X-Men #521 & 522 - Magneto proves himself to the X-Men by bringing Kitty Pryde home
  • Magneto solo series by Cullen Bunn

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  1. Avatar
    Freezer 2 June, 2016 at 05:50 Reply

    Listening to this CC made me realize something: Xavier and the X-Men represented MLK. Magneto and the Brotherhood represented Malcom X. Genosha represented Apartheid-era S. Africa.

    And in those original stories: one brown skin among the entire shooting match.

    Comics can be fucked up, man.

    • Charles (Kriss)
      Kriss 2 June, 2016 at 09:19 Reply

      Yeah Stan Lee has talked before about how Xavier was modeled after MLK and Magneto after Malcolm X. Even more that the mutants and their struggle was an allegory for the Civil Rights movement. And you see that throughout their struggles. The X-men were always the most diverse of comic books. When they launched the new team with X-Men Giant Size #1, Scott was the only White American on the team.

      They break it down even more by showing the different types of mutants. Those that could blend in and “look normal” and those like Nightcrawler or Beast who would never “fit in”. It’s the whole “passing” conversation we have in the Black Community. This is why the X-Men were my favorite comic to read growing up and why it hurts me that Fox treats the movies so bad by erasing all this social commentary.

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