Heroes For Hire Part 2 Iron Fist & Colleen Wing



Kriss and Dpalm are back for the second part of our Heroes for Hire Character Corner. You can find Part 1 here.

In this part, we talk about Danny Rand, Iron Fist, and the badass Samurai, Colleen Wing. We start right away addressing the elephant in the room: The cultural appropriation/white washing with Danny Rand and Asian culture. Yes, Danny should have been Asian American. Period.  With that out of the way, we go through some of the early years with Danny which are pretty well done and build a pretty good story. It also introduces us to Colleen Wing and how much of a badass she is. We end with Fraction/Brubaker's Immortal Iron Fist run & the new The Living Weapon run

Danny Rand

  • Marvel Premiere #15 - 25
    • First Appearance Marvel Premiere #15
  • Iron Fist #1 - 7 - The Search for Colleen
  • Iron Fist #14 - First appearance of Sabretooth
  • Power Man and Iron Fist Vol 1
    • Issues  #50-54 - Danny gets his money back, helps Luke start Heroes for Hire
    • Issues #118 - 125 - K'un Lun gets destroyed, Danny contracts cancer & is replaced by a H'ylthri imposter that is killed. Luke gets blamed for his "death"
  • Daredevil Vol 2 #82 - 87  - Danny pretends to be Daredevil while Matt is locked up
  • The Immortal Iron Fist
  • Iron Fist: The Living Weapon
  • Power Man and Iron Fist Vol 3
Colleen Wing
  • Marvel premiere #19 - First Appearance
  • Iron Fist #5
  • Power Man and Iron Fist Vol 1 #70 - Colleen recalls her samurai training from her Grandfather
  • Daughters of the Dragon #1 - 6
  • Heroes for Hire
  • Shadowland: Daughters of the Shadow #1 - 3 - Revealed that Colleen's mother led Nail

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