Doctor Victor Von Doom Part 3 – God Doom


Dpalm and Kriss present the final part of their Character Corner series on Doctor Doom. During this final part we focus mainly on Jonathan Hickman's Fantastic Four run that leads into New Avengers/Secret Wars. The heart of this story is a Reed Richards vs Doctor Doom story but there's so much more. We see Doom become a God, twice. We also see more of the relationship between Valeria & Victor. Doom kinda sorta tries to redeem and do good but ultimately is still a dick. We also finish up by talking about the new direction we see for Victor Von Doom in the new Invincible Iron Man run. This is one of our favorite Character Corners and you're going to want to listen.


  • Doomwar #3 - Doom confronts the Panther God and is judged as having "pure" intentions
  • The Entire Jonathan Hickman run of Fantastic Four (Volume 3 #570-611) & FF(Volume 1 #1-13)
    • FF #2 - Doom mocks Ben for watching Johnny die
    • FF #12 & 16 - All Hope Lies with Doom
    • Fantastic Four #611 - Reed, Valeria, Nathaniel go to save Doom from Doomworld
  • Fantastic Four Annual 2014 - Sue goes to Latveria to get Valeria
  • Loki: Agent of Asgard #6 & 7 - Doom and Valeria take on Lokia
  • Jonathan Hickman's New Avengers & Secret wars
    • New Avengers #6 - an Incursion happens in Latveria
    • New Avengers #24 - Namor comes to Doom & Doom rejects him. It's revealed...Doom has a plan
    • New Avengers #33 - Doom confronts the Beyonders
    • Secret Wars #8 - Doom vs Thanos
    • Secret Wars #9 - Doom vs Reed
  • Invincible Iron Man #1-5 - The new Victor Von he a good guy?

* For New Avengers, check out the complete reading list on our Comic Book Book Club

*You can find the reading order for Hickman's Fantastic Four run here. We'll be doing a Comic Book Book Club on it soon

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