Doctor Victor Von Doom Part 2


Dpalm and Kriss present part 2 of their character corner on Doctor Victor Von Doom. If you thought Doom was evil in part 1, he gets even worse. Doctor Doom decides that he needs to get back to his roots and decides to concentrate more on his magic and becomes even more terrifying. He takes trolling the Fantastic Four to a new level by helping Sue give birth to Valeria and it begins a very interesting relationship between Doom and his goddaughter. Doom also survives Hell and then gets revenge after millions of years, cementing that Doom is not to be fucked with. Oh and we throw in Doctor Doom vs T'Challa & Wakanda for good measure.


  • Marvel Graphic Novel - Emperor Doom #27- Doom uses the Purple Man to take over the World
  • Fantastic Four Vol3 #54 - Doom helps deliver Valeria, and saves Sue's life in the process
  • Fantastic Four Vol 3 #67-70  - Unthinkable.
  • Fantastic Four Vol 3 #556-565
  • Fantastic Four Vol 3 #566-569 - The Masters of Doom
  • Doomwar 1- 6 - Dr. Doom successfully takes down Wakanda and steals vibranium and becomes nearly unstoppable

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