Intro to Doctor Victor Von Doom Part 1 – Doctor Doom vs the Beyonder


Dpalm and Kriss finally get around to their character corner on Doctor Victor Von Doom. We're going to have to break this up into two parts (maybe even three). For this first part we give a primer on Victor Von Doom's background. We cover the origin of his feud with Reed Richards. We also talk about about what makes Doom so terrifying (and a dick), his over confidence and his never ending quest for power. So check out Part 1 of this Character Corner. It only gets worse from here with Doom.


  • Fantastic Four 4 & 5- First Appearance
  • Fantastic Four 6 - Doom tricks Namor into attacking the Fantastic Four
  • Fantastic Four 57 - 60 - Tricks the Silver Surfer and stills the Cosmic Power
  • Iron Man 149 & 150
  • Fantastic Four 196 - 200 - Fantastic Four help Zorba to overthrow Doom in Latveria
  • Fantastic Four 246 & 247 - Doom returns to Latveria. First appearance of Kristoff
  • Secret Wars (1984) 1 - 12 - Doom takes the power of the Beyonder

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