Deadpool – The Psychotic Merc With a Mouth


On this Character Corner Dpalm and Kriss cover the Merc with the Mouth, Wade Wilson aka Deadpool. Deadpool is a unique character in that you can pretty much read anything with Deadpool in it. We have a ton of suggested reading for the character include a surprising "cameo" in a DC Comics book.

Issues: *All of these issues are on Marvel Unlimited except Superman/Batman Annual #1 obviously*

  • New Mutants #98 - #100- First Appearance of Deadpool
  • Deadpool (1997-2002) #1-#33- Joe Kelly run. First appearance of Blind Alfred
  • Deadpool and Death Annual - Flashbacks to Wade's time in Weapon X & feud with Ajax/Francis. Also his love with Death
  • Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars - the retelling of the 1984 Secret Wars with Deadpool as the hero
  • Deadpool: Suicide Kings
  • Cable & Deadpool
  • Uncanny X-Force Volume 1
  • A+X #8 - Hawkeye & Deadpool team up
  • Agent X #1-7 & #13-15 - Gail Simone's first mainstream comic
  • Superman/Batman Annual #1 - Yes...this is not a mistake. This is DC embracing the fact that Deadpool is a parody of Deathstroke. See an "alternate" Deathstroke who looks (and behaves) an awful lot like Deadpool

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