AKA Jessica Jones


Time for another Character Corner. This time we're discussing Jessica Jones and giving the rundown on what makes this character so different from those we've seen before. She'll make her live action debut on November 20th on Netflix. Listen to our discussion on her history.

Reading list:

  • Alias Volume 1 - First appearance of Jessica Jones
  • Alias Volume 2  "Come Home"
  • Alias Volume 3 "The Underneath"- Teams up with Jessica Drew to save Mattie Franklin
  • Alias Volume 4 "The Secret Origins of Jessica Jones" - Jessica Jones' origin story
  • The Pulse 1 -14 - Jessica works for J Jonah and has her child
  • New Avengers Annual #1 - Jessica and Luke Cage get married
  • Young Avengers -
  • Mighty Avengers - Luke starts the Mighty Avengers and Jessica isn't thrilled

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