CBS Orders Supergirl TV Series


super-girlAnd it just keeps on coming:



Once the only network staying out of the whole new massive comic book TV show arena, CBS is going all in with a new Supergirl show - which they've given an official series commitment to, bypassing both the "in development" and "pilot" stage.

Supergirl, a ne  one hour drama, will come to us from Berlanti Productions (both Arrow and The Flash on The CW) in association with Warner Bros. Television. Greg Berlanti and Ali Adler (Chuck, No Ordinary Family) will serve as writers, while also serving as EPs alongside Sarah Schechter. IGN.COM


I've said it before, I'll say it again: I don't think all these new comic book shows or movies will be successes.  But I'm not complaining about it either.  We went through years, DECADES of having every other genre of show being done with no one talking about "a bubble bursting".  I love Law & Order but how many police procedural shows flooded TV for the last decade and a half?  And don't get me started on the reality show craze.  So you know what?  I'll take it when it comes to comic book shows.  At least its something different.  If folks didn't get worn out from "CSI Law & Order in a Hospital" type shows then comic book TV shows will be just fine.  As long as they're good and done right, I'm in.

The big question here is will there be any tie-in with Arrow and The Flash since Berlanti is involved.  Truth is, it doesn't really need to be.  I don't need my shows connected.  They could even connect this to the cinematic universe DC is putting together since they did hint at Supergirl in Man of Steel but even then, it's not a requirement to me.  I just want it to be good.  Bottom line, that's all that I care about with these shows.   I do find it interesting that CBS is jumping right to a full series commitment.  That seems promising to me.  Can't wait to learn more about what they're trying to do with this.



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