CBBC #5: Fables 1-5 – Legends in Exile


New episode of the Comic Book Book Club.  This time we discussed the Fables issues 1-5.  We talk about the similarities between the books and the game from Telltales Games, The Wolf Among Us.  We discuss the characters of Snow and Bigsby,  how much of the motives of the fables are based on their desires to maintain the appearance of their previous status and freedom, Bluebeard and where some of the lesser known fairy tales and children's stories as well as some things we would like to see moving forward if we are going to stick with reading these books.

*Note:  I said on the show that Saga or Astonishing X-Men would be the next books up.  That was a mistake.  The next book is Batman: The Court of Owls...then either Saga or X-Men.


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