Captain Marvel Spoiler Review: Filling in the Gaps of the MCU


So this is take 2 of our Captain Marvel Spoiler Review. We originally recorded on Sunday but Kriss made a rookie mistake and lost the episode. So we ran it back. Lucky for you, we think this is an even better episode (of course you'll never know). We cover a lot of stuff that you're not gonna want to miss!


  • DC & Marvel have dispelled the myth that films centering women or PoC can't sell (domestically or overseas)
  • The 90's references
  • How the film speaks to gaslighting every marginalized person can relate to
  • Captain Marvel answered questions in the MCU we didn't know we needed answers to (but did)
  • Of course the Kree are evil
  • Did Carol join up with the Nova Corps to force the Kree into the treaty they signed before Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Project Pegasus, the Tesseract and how the Avengers Initiative became an idea
  • Giving us all three Captain Marvels in some form in one movie (Mar-Vell, Carol & Monica)
  • What could be next
  • And more!

There will be more spoiler reviews coming from the ladies of the MTR Network soon, so stay tuned!


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