Captain Marvel Part 3: Billy Batson, Shazam & the Marvel Family


Sorry for the delay folks but we're finally back to wrap up *checks notes* Captain Marvel Part 3? Or is this Shazam? Yeah we waste no time in this episode addressing the elephant in the room: What the heck do we call this character? Kriss & Dpalm have varying opinions but one thing that is agreed upon is that this is all DC's fault. They destroyed Fawcett because the "Superman Clone" was more popular than Superman, then tried to resurrect the character 20 years later after the name had already been registered by Marvel. So we're covering the ups and downs of the "Original Captain Marvel". We cover the Whiz Comics years, the DC relaunch, Roy Thomas' interesting yet unfinished attempt at the character, Jerry Ordway's Power of Shazam and the struggle of DC trying to figure out what to do with the character that once outsold Superman of you asked for this so Dpalm also does a quick explanation of Marvelman. Just know it involves Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman and Grant Morrison. Buckle in folks. You're in for a ride.


Early Fawcett Years:

  • Whiz Comics #2 - First appearance of Billy Batson/Captain Marvel, Shazam (the Wizard) and Dr. Sivana
  • Captain Marvel Adventures #18 - First Appearance of Mary Bromfield/Batson
  • Whiz Comics #25 - First Appearance of Freddy Freeman
  • Master Comics #21 - First Appearance of Captain Nazi
  • Captain Marvel Adventures #26 - First Appearance of Mister Mind
  • The Marvel Family #1 - First Appearance of Black Adam
  • Shazam! A Celebration of 75 Years - Contains more than the Fawcett comics but is a good catch-all
  • The Shazam!  Archives
  • The Shazam! Family Archives

The DC Relaunch

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