Captain Marvel Part 1 – The Life & Death of Mar-Vell


Carol Danvers makes her live action debut as Captain Marvel next month. To prepare, Kriss and Dpalm are tackling the mantle of Captain Marvel. We're focusing on the three main characters to hold the title in the Marvel Universe (We'll be covering Fawcett/DC's Captain Marvel/Shazam next month): Mar-vell, Monica Rambeau and Carol Danvers. 

But even before that, we start with a little bit of a crash course in the background of the Kree & the Skrull since they're not only playing a heavy role in the upcoming movie but are integral in the backgrounds of Mar-Vell and Carol. Then we focus on the life, death and legacy of Mar-Vell. His death due to cancer is probably the most impactful death and the one that will never be undone. 

Episode 2 we'll do a deep dive into Monica and Carol so make sure you subscribe so you don't miss it. 

Key Issues:

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