We Need to Talk About The Murders of Molly Southbourne…

Murders of Molly Southbourne

I Talk Sh!t & Presents: B!tch it's a Book Club. This new segment will be a free wheeling discussion of books from various genres of speculative fiction. The set list's built around novellas and designed to introduce authors and/or stories some may not know yet. First up is horror novella, The Murders of Molly Southbourne by Tade Thompson. 

The Murders of Molly Southbourne 

Murders of Molly Southbourne Book Cover

Synopsis: For as long as Molly Southbourne can remember, she's been watching herself die. Whenever she bleeds, another molly is born, identical to her in every way and intent on her destruction.

Molly knows every way to kill herself, but she also knows that as long as she survives she'll be hunted. No matter how well she follows the rules, eventually the mollys will find her. Can Molly find a way to stop the tide of blood, or will she meet her end at the hand of a girl who looks just like her?

Listen in as we jump off a conversation cliff and unravel the themes that make Tade's horror the kind that creeps up on you and leaves you wondering what you'd do if confronted with a murderous version of yourself. 

We have a lively discussion where horror, spycraft, and one epic existential crisis collide. No one's quite sure what to make of The Murders of Molly Southbourne. So it's a good thing there's a sequel for us to dig into next meet up. 

Book Club Members: 
Aaron @ansfreemanHe/Him
Ereika @EreikaWritesFicShe/They
Leslie @bonitaflor21She/Her
Bacon @B4c0nzilla They/Them
TJ@kotodamaishiki He/Him

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