Black Woman Shoutout: Black Girl Squee

With podcasting exploding, a common misconception is that podcasting is a mostly white (and male) thing. Not only is that belief just plain false (Black podcasters cover a wide range of topics) but podcasting has become a safe place for podcasters of color to come together. This is particularly true for black woman who are constantly ignored by traditional media. Bypassing mainstream sources, black women are using podcasting to get their voices out to the masses on their own terms. Black Girl Squee is just such a podcast. Run by two black women, Inda and Didi, Black Girl Squee is a biweekly podcast that's dedicated to celebrating the achievements of Black girls and women.
Black Girl Squee is covers a range of issues from hilarious segments like "Catch the Fade" or "This Week in That Print" to serious topics like#MissingDCGirls, #BlackTransWomensLivesMatter and more. They also have episodes reviewing shows like Pitch and Underground as well as some episodes talking about True Crime. Recently Inda and Didi celebrated their 43rd episode which also happened to mark their two year anniversary for the show.
To contact them
Twitter: Inda - @indascorner  Didi - @dustdaughter
Also support their Patreon to help them keep their voices out there:
You can hear both Didi and Inda on this episode of Secret Sauce.




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