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With Black Panther out in theaters now and breaking records, we figured it would be a great time to talk about the latest solo series for the King of Wakanda. Written by Ta Nehsi Coates, Volume 6 tries to correct a lot of the issues from previous writers. He gives more agency to the Dora Milaje and the black women of Wakanda, deals with the political fallout from Wakanda's recent troubles and defeats and brings back Shuri. Coates definitely had some issues with getting used to the format of comics coming from long form writing. He also took on a lot in these first 12 issues that could have been broken out and paced better. However, it was still pretty good and reads a lot better as a trade than in individual issues. Coates definitely brought the character of T'Challa and Wakanda into more modern times and you can see his influence in Coogler's movie. 

One thing though, towards the end of volume 3 the art gets a bit...wonky. They bring in a new artist and let's just say the last page of issue #12 is very very bad.

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