Black Panther Review – Beautiful, Powerful and Unapologetically Black

12 out of 10 Sterling K Brown Tears


You know what time it is. Kriss and Phenom discuss (without spoilers) Marvel's Black Panther. Seriously, its better than it has any right to be and you're not going to be prepared. This is less of a review and more of just a non-spoiler discussion of why we loved it so much. We already know you're going to go see the film (we'll see some of you on Saturday!). 

  • The story's connection to present day struggles of Black Americans
  • #ErikKillmongerWasRight - We have a new Villain Agenda inductee
  • All the black female characters steal the show but particularly Letitia Wright's Shuri
  • Andy Serkis had fun making this movie, we can tell
  • The visuals and action were amazing
  • You're not prepared

We'll have several spoiler reviews coming out soon and don't forget to check out Kriss's solo video review!



Charles (Kriss)

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    Gideon 17 February, 2018 at 10:55 Reply

    Am I overlooking something obvious? Is Kriss’ YouTube review the only spoiler-free review that you guys have posted, or is there an audio review that Kriss and Phenom did, and I’m too stupid to figure out how to find it?

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