Black Panther Lexus LC Commercial


If you've listened to any of the podcasts I host or followed me on Twitter when I was talking about the disappointing Wonder Woman marketing, then you know that I've been waiting for this trailer/commercial. I pointed out several times that there was going to be a Lexus/Black Panther sponsorship and marketing and here it is. I'm pretty sure this was announced either at San Diego Comic-Con 2017 or shortly before it. And I knew that Shuri was driving the Lexus in the first trailer. And here we are.

This is a big deal. Sure, car sponsorships and marketing aren't new to Disney or Marvel (or Super Hero movies in general. BvS had one). But the fact that Black Panther is a film staring a mostly black cast makes this uniquely special. Marvel and Disney are breaking a lot of new ground here with the amount of marketing they're putting behind a movie that doesn't center a white male. I mean we're coming off of the controversy with Screen Gems and Proud Mary. Plus the Sony emails about Denzel Washington not selling overseas are still fresh in our minds. So this is a big deal. Yes, it's sad that in 2018, it's still a big deal but I'm going to take this as a positive and set it as the new standard and bar for studios when it comes to diversity. 

We're under a month away, some screeners start happening next week and the embargo for reviews will be up over a week before the film's release. If you're on the west coast, we still have some tickets left for our Long Beach viewing so, get your tickets now. #WellActually we're sold out on the West Coast too. I love you all. Seriously, this is going to be great. Leave us a comment with how excited you are for this film.



Charles (Kriss)

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